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3 Things You Should Pay Attention To When Putting

So this post is a follow up to my last post regarding 3 common misconceptions recreational players have about their putting.

Below you will find the 3 things you should definitely focus on when putting.  Pretty simple. Makes me ask why do we get so distracted with so many other things?

1. Feel the break with your feet.

Don’t worry about nearby mountains, or a valley bottom or stream. The ball is going to break in the direction indicated by what you feel in your feet. Stand next to or straddle the line of your putt halfway to the hole and that’s the way the putt breaks. The foot which has more weight on it is the direction your putt breaks.

2.  Flat, uphill or downhill?

Again, your feet will tell you this.  As you take your stance, is your weight slightly shifted on your forward foot, that means the putt is downhill, or is it on your back foot, meaning the putt is uphill.

3.  Only analyze your putt from your ball to the hole.

The only thing that effects your putt is the slope of the area of the green it must roll across to get from where it is to the hole. Don’t try to “read” the effects into putts of nearby major geographic features such as mountains, rivers, or other things you may have heard to compensate for.  How many times have you heard someone say: “How did that break uphill?”  The answer: it didn’t.

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