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A Putting Tip from Phil

In January touring pros from the PGA, LPGA, Korn Ferry, Canadian and Symetra tours show up at my club in Las Vegas, TPC Summerlin, to get ready for the season.  On a recent Sunday about a dozen were out and I noticed something I had seen before but never quite put together— most of them spent most of their time on the practice putting green.  There were at least eight or nine on the putting green at any given moment.  Only two or three were hitting balls on the range or at the chipping green complex.  And the pros on the putting green were primarily working on short putts, three footers.

Our head professional, Mike Messner, was nearby.  He said this focus on short putting is a clear difference he sees between amateurs and professionals.  In general terms, amateurs spend too much time on their full swing, pounding balls down the range, and too little time working on putting, particularly short putts.  Instead, amateurs “just stoke a few putts to get the speed and then go play,” Messner said.

Miss a few short putts and a good ball-striking day yields an average score, we all know.  Phil Mickelson created this video discussing short putting.  It includes a quick drill you could incorporate into your warm-up or practice.  Hope you find it helpful so you can putt more like those pros:

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