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Baby Got A New Pair Of Shoes

I love finding new gems (gem \ ˈjem:  jewel; something prized especially for great beauty or perfection).

That’s how I would describe my new find and test wearing Duca del Cosma shoes.  From a branding standpoint, I’d say these are the Fendi, Prada or Valentino of women’s golf shoes.

I was immediately attracted to their contemporary styling.  In no way do these look like your grandmother’s golf shoes!  Duca del Cosma was founded in Europe 20 years ago and was the first brand to introduce a spikeless golf shoe.  They have figured out how to combine stylish Italian design with great materials to produce beautiful shoes that you’ll want to wear during and then after your round thanks to the spikeless sole. 

I wore these in a recent tournament and was thrilled with not just the look, but the comfort.  I was a little worried they wouldn’t have the grip that my spiked shoes have, but I had no problems, even during the frosty mornings.  I received so many compliments on them during the few days that I wore them.  

Attention to detail is the key.  Only leather from Italian tanneries, the same tanneries supplying leather used in premium dress shoes, is used.  They also employ cutting-edge technology, including footbed inserts from Arneflex® that are cushioning, antibacterial, ergonomic and removable.  Even the laces are made from first-class waxed cotton.  You get two lace options so you can color-match with your various outfits.

Duca is definitely pushing fashion boundaries.  You can see it in the around 150 styles in their line, which includes men’s shoes.  They are sold in more than 30 countries.

Their philosophy revolves around creating something completely different in the game of golf. That’s why it offers lines of both technical golf shoes and lifestyle sneakers that can be worn for sports, leisure and even business occasions.

About the shoe I wore: 

The Kubana is a practical yet stylish women’s golf shoe made from soft nappa leather and patent leather (I love the white patent leather on these!), and included extra laces to freshen up your style.  Comfort is key, so the Kubana features the new Arneflex® insole, along with a waterproof bootie system.  Thanks to the high-density open-cell foam, together these offer unrivaled cushioning and breathable, anti-bacterial shock absorption.  The Airplay III outsole gives traction and stability, helping you achieve the perfect stance for your swing. A cool, classic golf shoe that will keep you in style on and off the course.

Want these shoes?  Here’s where to go and better yet, use code womangolfer20 to receive 20% off your purchase.

Since I wrote this post, I purchased another pair of Duca del Cosma golf shoes — to get a better view of them, see my video here… IMG_3424.

My friend Karen S. from Tucson received her pair and here’s what she had to say about her new white Kubana golf shoes:

I love these shoes sooo much!  I have not purchased an expensive golf shoe before, but wow, what a difference the quality of this shoe makes.  Everything from the roomy toe box while maintaining its sleek appearance, to the tongue staying firmly in place, to the more supportive heel, everything is perfect with this shoe.  I also enjoyed the whimsy of accompanying silver shoe laces!  The white on white patent leather is such a beautiful and classic look.

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