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Our Role in Celebrating Women’s Golf Day

Today is Women’s Golf Day, an event created in 2016 celebrating us (women) playing golf with the purpose being teaching skills that last a lifetime and creating meaningful connections.  It was designed to foster growth among females in a largely male-dominated sport.  Frankly, I think every day should be WGD.

I am writing this for two reasons.  The first is that women should promote other women.  All too often we get way too competitive with our fellow players.  No reason for it really.  We are all the same and just trying to (be our best selves) accomplish the same thing.  We should be happy when a fellow player plays well and vice versa.  We all started from the same humbling point and that is the bond that we all share.

Looking back, I realize that I have created so many friendships around golf.  I look back at my old club in Denver and know that I have a bond with my girls there and even though I am no longer living there, I can see them and catch up right where we left off.  I have created new bonds here in Vegas by trying something different you might want to consider.

I am about to embark on my second senior amateur this week.  I played in my first ever amateur event last year — it was the senior am here in southern Nevada in the fall (WSNGA Sr. Am).  I was pretty nervous but I didn’t think I had much to lose since I didn’t know a soul.  I had only lived in Vegas for a year and was still pretty new and trying to get a feel for life in a new place.  It was there that I met a wonderful woman named Monica who acted as sort of an ambassador and from from there, she introduced me to a great group of women throughout the valley that I now play with quite frequently.  We have formed what we call the COVID group, now renamed several times but currently known as the “cool chicks” on our group text.  We play all over town and when courses were completely shut down, we hiked across the border into California to get a round or two in.  Bottom line is this:  if I had not taken a chance and played in the WSNGA Sr. Am, I would have never been introduced to some great friends.  I would have never had the opportunity to get to know them absent competition of any sort on a more personal level.

Which brings me to my second point:  support and participate in events of your regional and local golf associations.  I’m not sure how many of you actually take part in your state and local golf associations.  There are so many of us out there and we all share a common theme — we want to play golf and enjoy the game.  These associations make that all possible.  They have flighted events for every level of play — it’s not just for the “good players”.  In fact, it’s intended to create a community and comraderie amongst everyone.

The real thing here is that you cannot discount your golf girls, cool chicks or whatever you name your group.  It’s a blessing to find your girls and know that they will stick by you and support you.  It’s an undervalued sisterhood that should never be discounted.


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