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FLEXIBILITY: 3 Stretches That Will Make Your Swing More Powerful 

“Don’t train for strength and power (and you will) become gradually weaker and less flexible, swinging slower over time, decreasing your enjoyment from golf, and life generally.”

— Mike Carroll, Irvine, CA, accredited strength and conditioning coach certified by Titleist Performance Institute who offers online training.

In this series of videos I am with Paul Woytus, DPT, a Las Vegas-based physical therapist whose passion is golf fitness.  An Evans Scholar who caddied for eight years at Bandon Dunes, he explains basic exercises addressing the three areas studies show make the difference between average and exceptional players, those being flexibility, balance and strength.  These moves can be done at home, at your gym, with or without a trainer.  Paul also is certified by the Titleist Performance Institute.  My goal in this series is specific — to help you gain distance which is key to reducing your scores.

Part 1 of 3

FLEXIBILITY: 3 Stretches That Will Make Your Swing More Powerful 

Paul explains below, as I wrote in my introduction to this series in January, that one key to developing a powerful golf swing lies in  flexibility what trainers call “upper and lower body disassociation”.  This has been written about extensively.  It is often referred to as the X Factor— being able to turn your hips back 45 degrees but have your shoulders turn back further to 90 degrees or slightly more at the top of your backswing.  Below are three stretches for you.  Do them five times a week, Paul says.




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