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I Just Found the BEST Sun Sleeves


IceRays Sun Sleeves

Anne Rollo is an Australian golf professional who came to dislike putting on layers of sticky sunscreen day-in-and-day-out (we all can relate to that) on the golf course.  A few years back, she came across some UV-protectant  sun sleeves that were amazingly effective–problem solved.  She literally bought the company. 

I was fortunate to meet her in January at the PGA Show in Orlando.  She told me her story and about her product which has now become available in the U.S.  Anne explained to me that sunscreen would irritate her skin and many times she’d still get burned.  She was unable to find a product that would prevent burning but still keep her cool.  That’s what lead her try IceRays.

IceRays provide 99.7% protection against UV-A and 99.6% of UV-B rays.  Overall they rate as providing 50+ UV protection.  As you may remember from my earlier post about sun damage to our skin, that’s high protection.

Having tried IceRays Sun Sleeves many days now in Vegas, I find they are extremely comfortable and like some competing coverings don’t pinch into your arm.  When you order you’ll see they are a one size fits all product.  I had my husband try them and this is not an issue for guys.  They are not only great for golfing, but good for tennis, bicycling, gardening, horseback riding, fishing, boating, etc.  Slip them on anytime you want to go outside without messing with the sunscreen lotion.  They are amazingly cooling but I find dousing them in water makes them even better on low humidity days in the desert.  Makes sense because the sleeves work with the moisture in your skin and the movement of the air to cool your skin.  They come in several colors too.  

Here’s a story about the product explaining an added reported benefit.  After consulting with Australian swimming champion, world record breaker and Sydney Olympian Rebecca Brown, and Australian swim coach, Australian champion and Commonwealth games medallist Zane King, she discovered IceRays not only provide UV protection but also reduce lactic acid build-up, increase circulation and reduce muscle vibration during intense exercise.  Both these elite athletes are now into the sport of down hill and cross-country cycling.  IceRays, they report, stem fatigue.

Try IceRays now and receive 10% off everything on the site, use code TWG10.

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