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STRENGTH: Do These 3 Shoulder Strength Exercises To Increase Driving Distance

Part 3 of 3

In this series of videos I am with Paul Woytus, DPT, a Las Vegas-based physical therapist whose passion is golf fitness. An Evans Scholar who caddied for eight years at Bandon Dunes, he explains basic exercises addressing the three areas studies show make the difference between average and exceptional players, those being flexibility, balance and strength. These moves can be done at home, at your gym, with or without a trainer.  Paul also is certified by the Titleist Performance Institute. My goal in this series is specific, to help you gain distance which is key to reducing your scores.

STRENGTH: Do These 3 Shoulder Strength Exercises to Increase Driving Distance

The data is clear: women with greater shoulder, torso and hip strength have lower handicaps.  Shoulder strength is particularly important. That’s because it maximizes torso velocity (your turn back to the ball) during the downswing, the studies say.  Increased torso velocity leads to increased ball velocity (speed).  More ball velocity leads directly to greater distance.  Greater distance translates into lower scores.  Physical therapist Paul Woytus, DPT shows us three exercises here to address shoulder, torso and hip strength for the golf swing. 



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