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Playing Much? Tape it up!

I have had four surgeries on my right knee, a full ACL repair and three snips on my meniscus.  When it’s damp or I play several days in a row, it tends to be sore.

Since COVID-19, I have been playing…let’s just say quite a bit!  Despite stretching at home and lifting weights, my knee has been sore and I’ve had to use my supply of KT Tape to keep things moving and the pain at bay.  I’ve even had need to use it on my back and neck.

So when I recently met Greg Venner, CEO of KT Tape, and he explained how his funny looking tape could eliminate my pain, I tried it.  No wonder Michelle Wei and 60 percent of touring pros use this product.  It worked on my knee, my neck and on my husband’s back where he had a discectomy and has lingering soreness when he plays frequently.


How does it work?  Speaking generally, when an injury occurs due to impact or over-use the result is inflammation or swelling caused by a buildup of lymphatic fluids.  That accumulation creates pressure on the pain receptors in your skin at the injury site.  The tape lifts the skin decompressing the fascia  and allowing increased circulation.  White blood cells are able to get in in and waste products are more easily taken away.


Of course you have to apply it correctly.  That’s made easy by numerous short “how to” videos KT has on their site:


You can  buy tape on their site (and receive a discount for signing up!), or at 45,000 (that’s not a typo) retail locations such as Amazon, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walgreens, etc..  Click on the “Where to Buy” button atop the KT site and you can find tape at a retailer near you.

Sales of this tape have tripled in the past five years, Greg told me, adding “Pro athletes can use any tape in the world and most are using ours.”  It’s being used by athletic trainers in nearly every professional sport.  Beach volleyball great and Olympic gold medalist Kerry Lee Walsh Jennings is a KT user, too.

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