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What’s Better Than New Shoes? … New Clubs!

Seems like everyone I speak with lately is thinking about getting new clubs, demo-ing new clubs or just dreaming of new clubs.  For those of you who know me, I am always looking for improvements to my game.  Today, I just put my new PXG clubs in my bag.  I am very loyal to what I play and have been dedicated to Titleist for about 10 years.  Before that, I was hooked on Cobra and Ping.  But now my new obsession is PXG.  While I haven’t played a full round yet with them, I am hopeful that I will get the extra yardage that Trackman showed they will provide.  So I have two points I’d like to make…

Don’t wait to go get fit because you think your “game isn’t good enough”

Earlier today I ran into my friend Carla while working out.  We got to talking about golf and I mentioned my new clubs — that I will playing with them for the first time this week in two tournaments.  Yes, I am a tiny bit apprehensive but I’m pretty positive that they will be an improvement to my game.  So Carla tells me that she’d love to get new clubs but she doesn’t think her game is there yet.  So here’s my story…

Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside, CA

Roughly 10 years ago, my husband bought us fittings at the Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside, California (there is also one in Massachusetts btw) as Christmas gifts to ourselves.  It was $500 bucks each which includes basically a half day session with a fitting pro.  (My pro had fitted with Masters champ Zach Jonson the day before me.)  Prior to your session, they provide you with a questionnaire about what you currently use and background about your game.  When you are there, you go through your bag (and hit about a million balls with both your old and potentially new clubs) and they give you specs for all new Titleist clubs.  You then take your specs to your local pro/shop and order accordingly.  I was reluctant to do the fitting as I didn’t think my game was in good enough shape to go and get fit, no less at Titleist.

What I learned from that first fitting is that all these fitting places have experienced club pros doing the fitting.  Just like Carla, I was so worried about my game and how I was going to hit the ball.  Did I hit some really horrible shots during my fitting session?  Sure, but I think my fitter could see where the potential was and how to make it easier for me to hit the ball better.  They have enough experience to see how you hit the ball and what can help you hit the ball farther and more accurately.

So I arranged a fitting with my friend Chris Feldscher with PXG two weeks ago.  I have been wanting to try PXG for some time and have heard nothing but positive remarks about the clubs.  I figured no time like the present.  Turns out I gained 20+ yards on average, according to Trackman.  Again, we’ll see how that translates on the course but I’m hopeful that after getting used to them, they will definitely help my game.

Try, Try Again

So you may be asking, what happened with the Cobra Rails that I bought almost a year ago?  Well, quite honestly, my game started to go in the toilet.  I know, I know.  It’s the wizard, not the wand.  But in this case I do believe it was the wand because when I went back to my Titleist clubs, I started playing good golf again.  Don’t be afraid to keep trying new clubs if the ones you have aren’t working.  We all need to find the best but most forgiving clubs for our game.

Golf is expensive, period.  New clubs are an investment.  My thinking is that this is our avocation, sport of choice, and it provides us with social contacts and endless entertainment (and frustration).  All of that makes the price of new clubs worthwhile.  Some might even say priceless.


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