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I began playing in my 30’s after meeting my husband in Colorado.  An avid player, he quickly gave me a priceless gift, my love of golf — an outdoor-oriented lifestyle that led to endless travel and social possibilities as we aged.  Golf has enriched my personal and professional life beyond measure.  For me, golf is a blessing.

I founded Tracey Lynn Golf (2006), a boutique women’s golf apparel company based in Denver and manufactured in the USA.  Eight years and many gray hairs later in the wake of Great Recession, I closed up shop.  I then refocused and resumed being the full-time CFO of our other company that my husband founded in 1980.  Four years later, we sold out, retired and moved to Las Vegas.

I’m active in the game here now.  I play in tournaments regionally and was just named Vice President of the Women’s Southern Nevada Golf Association (

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