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Well Hello,

Welcome to! Women golfers of all ages can use my website/blog as a resource for all aspects of the game. Whether you’re a new or seasoned golfer, the world of golf can be very intimidating. With few resources for information and answers to enjoy and strengthen your game, you now have

I began playing in my 30s when I met my husband in Colorado. Our first conversation he asked me if I played golf. “No” I responded. And he replied … “Well, you better learn.” My husband gave me a priceless gift; the ‘Love of Golf’, a lifestyle with endless travel possibilities, exploring golf destinations and meeting interesting people who have enriched my life beyond measure. It has been a blessing.

I founded Tracey Lynn Golf (2006), a boutique women’s golf apparel company based in Denver and manufactured in the USA. Eight years and many gray hairs later, I decided life was too short and cashed in my chips. Between the Great Recession, the time required to play and rules of the game, golf was a dwindling market for women.

Since then, my husband and I have moved to a warmer climate for year-round golf and the endless pursuit of perfecting our swings. I am still frequently asked about new and existing golf apparel companies, courses to play, equipment advice, lessons and golf schools…the list goes on.

I hope you will sign up to receive my blog updates and explore I would love to hear from you so please email me with questions or comments.


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