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We read a lot about slow play on the PGA Tour but most of us are probably unaware it is equally a problem on the LPGA tour. On the LPGA circuit the average pace of play for threesomes is a whopping 4 hours and 50 minutes, according to an article in Golfweek. The LPGA is […]

I’ve just returned from playing in the inaugural Desert Classic in Tempe, Arizona.  For those of you who organize women’s golf tournaments, I wanted to pass along best practices I saw there so you can consider them for your next signature event.  I’m a huge believer that if you plan a great tournament, women will […]

So this post is a follow up to my last post regarding 3 common misconceptions recreational players have about their putting. Below you will find the 3 things you should definitely focus on when putting.  Pretty simple. Makes me ask why do we get so distracted with so many other things? 1. Feel the break […]

I recently met here in Las Vegas with Mario Bevilacqua, who Golf Digest ranks as one of top teachers in America.  We discussed the most common misconceptions people have regarding reading putts.  I want to begin with a post about putting misconceptions because we hear and see them all of the time.  My next post […]

What’s Your Game Plan for 2022?

This time of year, I start to reflect briefly on the past 12 months, take stock of where I am and, most importantly, decide where I want to go.  I’m always excited to start planning for the next year. Many people talk about New Year’s resolutions.  And, most of us know that most of the […]

Where Are Your Golf Clubs Right Now?

As the holiday song says, “Baby it’s cold outside.” If your clubs are stored anywhere that’s chilly, you should move them.       Cold = Bad In short, the trunk of your car and/or your garage, (unless it’s temperature controlled) are not where you should store your clubs. The cold will accelerate the deterioration […]

The recreational woman golfer hits her putter more than any other club in her bag.  Yet it is often not the right club to have in their bag. So you ask, how did it end up in my bag?  The reasons are many— it’s an expensive hand-me-down, it was a tee gift, or it is […]

Why We 3-Putt (And How To Fix It)

Your putter is the only club you use on every hole.  For both recreational players and professionals, putts account for about 40% of total strokes which I never realized until I started doing research regarding putting.  Besides adding distance off the tee, for recreational women golfers eliminating a few three-putts every round is a sure-fire […]

As I blog, I am learning so much about what is necessary to play better, to lower your scores and what really makes a difference.  What has become clear to me is improvement is a platform and that it has four basic tenets.  In other words, it’s a four-legged stool.  The four legs are instruction, […]

So many recreational women golfers who find themselves near the putting green, instinctively grab one of their wedges for every short chip or pitch shot.  I do this.  I’m a chipper — no doubt.  I love chipping. But in most situations, I’ve realized that I should be using my putter instead. “The only time around […]

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