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The golf swing uses nearly every muscle in your body and is considered moderate-intensity exercise but not quite a complete workout.  It is wise to train your entire body year-round to maintain core and ankle strength, increase balance and add a bit of muscle.  You’ll play better golf as a result. It’s even more important […]

There’s a lot of hype around Amazon’s Prime Day, which is happening today and tomorrow.  While there are some great deals to be found on Amazon, a few of which you’ll see below, there are also many deals to be found from other golf retailers right now.   Research indicates that this fall selling season […]

The other day I was reading GolfDigest’s list of 13 Rules of Golf Etiquette You Are Probably Breaking.  Joel Beall said it so well in the intro to his article,  “… golfers take this mantra to heart, (of) adhering not only to the rules, but towards standard etiquette on the golf course and to their […]

I am so guilty of this and I believe this is the one thing that stands in the way of most players jumping to the next level.  I came to this realization over the weekend after I participated in our club championship.  The two women who finished (way!) ahead of me, practice religiously.  While it doesn’t […]

There has been much said in recent days about the “blue wall” set completely across the back of the 18th green at this past week’s ANA Inspiration.  By design, winner Mirim Lee used it as a backstop to prevent her second shot on the par-five from going into the lake behind the green, her caddy […]

Today is Women’s Golf Day, an event created in 2016 celebrating us (women) playing golf with the purpose being teaching skills that last a lifetime and creating meaningful connections.  It was designed to foster growth among females in a largely male-dominated sport.  Frankly, I think every day should be WGD. I am writing this for two […]

I had a playing lesson last week with my coach, Mario Bevilacqua (, and my friend Kathy.  As we played, Mario pointed out that Kathy and I were killing him with our negative self-talk.  Kathy and I agreed we both need to eliminate this from our game.  We started discussing negative self-talk, an issue Kathy and […]

They tell bloggers we must write definitive (which generally means long-winded) posts to maximize our search results.  This is not one of them. We have all panicked after discovering we have left a club behind on the range or during play of a hole.  My husband’s trick is losing/dropping his (rather beat up) rangefinder which […]

So I love all of these items and have them in my bag or at home.  Call me the gadget queen, but I love things that help simplify my life, or in this case, my golf game. STICKIT Magnetic Rangefinder Strap This first item is a no-brainer.  Since I take carts a lot now, this […]

READER POLL: Top 5 Facial Sunscreens

Here are the results of three-question survey to uncover what sunscreens YOU think are the best, and why you prefer them. 67% of you said that you only use sunscreen when you know you will be spending time outside, e.g., playing golf or another sport, attending an outside event.   33% of you said that […]

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