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More than a few of my friends simply cannot get out of the sand.  The possibility of finishing or getting a good score on a hole is simply over when their ball goes into a greenside bunker.  A bad shot can either be a thin, bladed shot or a shot that’s left in the sand […]

I’m a fan of both Skechers and LPGA Pro Brooke Henderson, so when they asked for my help in getting the word out about an opportunity for junior golfers, I jumped on it. Through Friday, April 30th, aspiring 13-18 year olds can enter to win a virtual training session and meet-and-greet with LPGA Pro and […]

As I mentioned in a prior post, there are many issues unique to recreational women golfers.  How we think we are viewed while on the course is one.  It often gets in the way of how we swing and frankly, leads to less than optimal play.  Let me explain… If you live in a warm […]


I just received my new Titleist TSi driver and woods.  I LOVE them.  I have gained distance and decreased my shot dispersion.  No seriously, I love them.  Funny thing but I had a few calls recently with good friends (two who just went through 27-inch record snowfalls) and they tell me that they are looking […]

It’s not often you are going to be told potato chips might be the key to dramatically improving your golf game. This is the second article I am writing about increasing your driving distance, the key to lowering your scores.  If you can hit your drives 20 yards or so farther, you are going to reduce your handicap […]

Is Golf School For You?

Many of my friends around the country who’ve been caught inside during this week’s record cold, mentioned they are starting to look forward to their courses opening (even if it’s 60 days away in many places) and the formal start of the 2021 golf season. In the interim, they asked me if I had attended […]

(This is the first of a series of game improvement articles focused specifically on improving the scores of recreational women golfers.  In my series I will first cover how to increase distance off the tee, then move to your putting and finally address the short game — three areas where you can most quickly shave strokes off your […]

I received an email this morning from an old friend back in Denver asking about ideas for gifts for their member-guest tournament later this summer.  Nothing beats a good tournament played with a partner.  They’re my favorite for many reasons… first and foremost, even if it’s not an invitational format on a private course you still get […]

We made it through another round of holidays and are now well on our way into 2021.  Many of us are filled with hope of getting through the pandemic this year with our health, focusing on the possibility of better economic times and a greater sense of overall stability. I am working on a great […]

The golf swing uses nearly every muscle in your body and is considered moderate-intensity exercise but not quite a complete workout.  It is wise to train your entire body year-round to maintain core and ankle strength, increase balance and add a bit of muscle.  You’ll play better golf as a result. It’s even more important […]

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