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The Solheim Cup returns in just over 30 days and one of its signature sponsors is Dunning, who is also title sponsor of The Woman Golfer Las Vegas Invitational in November.  The Solheim team will be wearing Dunning uniforms and is contributing Solheim wear for my participants, as well. The cup matches are a biennial […]

TJ and Allisen Corpuz Triumph Together

If you watched the Women’s U.S. Open earlier this month then you know about its winner, Allisen Corpuz.  If you happened to miss the Women’s Open, this year they played at Pebble Beach and Allisen took home her first major, the $2 million payout, exemptions and life-long stature and memories.  Allisen just happens to be […]

Have you ever wondered how to pronounce the name of the women’s golf clothing line Tzu Tzu?  I have [it’s pronounced zoo-zoo] and wondered as well where the name came from?  Turns out that the founder, Lisa Krosschell, owned two Shih Tzu dogs named Sasha and Samba. 💕   Lisa founded Tzu Tzu in 2012 […]


I love going to the PGA Show.  If you haven’t read my previous posts, its held in January in Orlando and is the mother lode of all golf trade shows.  It’s during this frenetic 36-48 hours that I’m able to meet so many creative and energetic people that produce products to fill every golf niche.  […]

Not all lines include pants and tops perfect for those cool rounds in the spring or the dinner following an afternoon round when there’s a chill in the air.  However, Montreal-based Swing Control, being from northern climes, offers those pieces with some intriguing style and flattering construction attributes to consider. Swing Control was one of […]

I’ve been attending the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, the world’s largest golf exhibition for buyers, since 2008 (think the motherlode of golf shows).  First held out of the trunks of cars at a winter tournament in 1954, it’s now golf’s longest running trade show — this year there were 800-plus exhibitors, 250 of which […]


It’s remarkable how quickly time passes.  As I mentioned in my last post, I realized that I have been attending the PGA Merchandise Show on and off for 15 years, through the Great Recession and pandemic.  For those of you who don’t know, the PGA Show is the motherlode of golf shows.  It’s the main […]

Radmor is Good for Everyone

Everyday we see and read about the worldwide curse of plastic waste.  Scientists report plastic in every ocean worldwide and beaches everywhere increasingly are polluted by bottles and bags.  Fish eat plastic and studies cited in Newsweek and other trusted periodicals reveal that humans are ingesting microplastics when consuming marine life.  After a windstorm, you can […]

This is a guest article I was recently asked to write for Kinona, a women’s golf clothing line for women over age 40 founded four years ago.  I hope you enjoy… While I’m out playing a round on the golf course, new acquaintances often ask me what it was like having my own boutique line […]

Stylish But Functional Golf Necklace

I’m always trying tell my friends about new items I’ve found and this week I have a really a great find.  In the world of golf, we are constantly hit with new and innovative designs for everything from range finders, to clubs and clothing.  My friend Eileen at Skorzie has come up with a design […]

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