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PGA SHOW PROFILE: Happy Anniversary to Tzu Tzu! 

Have you ever wondered how to pronounce the name of the women’s golf clothing line Tzu Tzu?  I have [it’s pronounced zoo-zoo] and wondered as well where the name came from?  Turns out that the founder, Lisa Krosschell, owned two Shih Tzu dogs named Sasha and Samba. 💕


Lisa Krosschell, Founder of TzuTzu

Lisa founded Tzu Tzu in 2012 in Minnesota and this month the company will celebrate their 11th anniversary. Quite a milestone. 

One of cornerstones of the business lies in having an all-female team, from production to sales reps.  After many years as a successful sales rep herself in the gaming business, Lisa was looking for fun, she said.  She turned her passion for fashion and love of golf into a business plan (which she first outlined on a cocktail napkin) and it worked.  Tzu Tzu has managed to navigate the last few years well, despite worldwide issues with shipping, staffing shortages, and of course the rising prices of both of those, plus the increasing costs of fabrics, etc.  There aren’t many companies that can say that — way to go Lisa!

Shiloh Lotty Dotty Dress

I have numerous Tzu Tzu outfits and I love them all.  I’m excited to profile Tzu Tzu as I think they are one of the most playful lines in the marketplace.  They have not gone out of style from year to year and I can keep adding different items to match.  Each is distinguished by its bright colors and the fabric.  However, what truly sets the line apart is its fit, and that translates into how it feels when you wear it.  You can tell that they have put a lot of attention and consideration into designing each piece, from their OG Samba (box pleat) skort to their dresses, pants, and a variety of tops, from long sleeve to racerback. 

Their racerback shirts were some of the first in the industry and they were definitely pretty daring at the time.  When these were released, they really pushed the boundaries of women’s golf apparel — creating something that wasn’t already out there, as well as pushing dress codes, especially in the more conservative clubs.  From the beginning, Tzu Tzu was considered a trailblazer for their unique approach to fabric, prints, colors and cuts.  The detail on their skort is well-known.  Because of their bold colors and prints, you can spot a Tzu Tzu outfit from a distance.

Samba Tortuga Skort

Sasha Pebbled Bombshell Jacket

When you buy Tzu Tzu, you will notice something different the moment you open the packaging and first touch it.  Every package is presented like a gift — fun and exciting, but with just a hint of something whimsical.  While you may think their fabric seems a bit heavier than most, it’s actually lightweight with wicking and UV properties.  You will notice an immediate transformation in feel the moment you have it on.  From experience, I can tell you it dries quickly when washed, and looks great again and again.  Their outfits are so distinctive, it’s always fun to see partners coordinating one of their fun prints in various tournaments.


Tango Kabuki Dress

And they have just launched their new line which includes several must-haves, including the Samba Tortuga skort (above) and the Sasha Pebbled Bombshell jacket (above also) which happens to be the most flattering and comfortable jacket (perfect for those chilly mornings or cool evenings after the sun goes down).  I love their new dresses but particularly the Tango Kabuki Dress (I love this print) as seen to the left here.

MF Frida Black/White Skort

Since Tzu Tzu sponsors LPGA Pro Golfer Maria Fassi, it’s only fitting that they have also added a Maria Fassi line in which 10% of all sales go to benefit the Maria Fassi Foundation.  Super cute AND for a good cause! Just one of the many darling skirts in the MF line (see black and white to the right).


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