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I love going to the PGA Show.  If you haven’t read my previous posts, its held in January in Orlando and is the mother lode of all golf trade shows.  It’s during this frenetic 36-48 hours that I’m able to meet so many creative and energetic people that produce products to fill every golf niche.  And with women driving the growth of golf, it makes sense that there now more women-owned and women-centric items and lines founded by inspired female entrepreneurs than ever before.  One of those new companies I found this year is Nailed Golf, founded by Shelley West.  Shelley is Canadian by birth and but now calls Palm Desert home.


Founded in 2019, she describes Nailed Golf as a luxury golf brand that “elevates women’s confidence on and off the course,” adding that “playing this game that we love while looking and feeling exceptional is one of the greatest privileges in life”.

The vision became real for Shelley when she began playing golf roughly 16 years ago.  “I was just unable to find high-quality basic accessories back then,” she told me.  It began with golf gloves.  Shelley is tall and slender with long fingers.  She found that the typical women’s golf glove was too short for her fingers.  The result: she would frequently break nails (ouch!) which were stuffed into gloves too small.  She was then forced to try wearing an oversized men’s glove — you can guess how that worked out.  At that point, she literally took things “into her own hands” and began designing regular and elongated golf gloves for women — gloves that fit a woman’s hand whether they have long fingers (and nails) or regular sized hands.  “I take pride in the fact that Nailed Golf is the only company to offer 2 sizing models to women, standard and elongated.  Approximately 30% of my customers previously were forced to wear mens gloves and now are so grateful for our elongated gloves” says Shelley.

Shelley says that she goes to work every day hoping to do things many find incompatible: provide the highest quality best-fitting products, and to provide women the opportunity to find an inspiring opulence and luxury (that they deserve).

Shelley’s gloves are beautifully made.  Her gloves are hand-made in Indonesia using the highest quality AA Cabretta leather from the world’s premier tannery in the UK.  The construction detail and the Cabretta leather used make a different impression on you than any other golf glove when you put one on.  You don’t get the feeling of donning sports equipment.  Instead it’s like you are getting well-dressed to play a sport.  (I have smaller hands and minimal nails so I wear her standard finger length glove.  Shelley has created a variety of colors in all sizes, catering to whatever your preference is.)

WesTees Glamour Girls Marilyn

WesTees Glamour Girls Audry

Once her gloves were mastered, Shelley set out on a similar quest with golf shoes.  Her signature shoes are called WesTees.  They are hand made in Portugal using Italian leather.  Super comfortable and truly stylish, they dress up any outfit.  They fit true to size.  I will tell you they are just beautiful shoes.



Country Club Clutch

Country Club Clutch

Shelley has added additional leather goods to her already established golf glove collection and shoe line.  She now produces the best golf necessity bag.  I asked Shelley what else she has in store and it seems she has has lots of goodies in the works, including weather resistant gloves and stabilizing gloves for women with arthritis to aid holding the club.  She is also prepping for the arrival of their sun protection leggings —   everyone is concerned about arms but not legs and the legs are important too!


Lifestyle Saddlebag

Finally, Nailed Golf will be rolling out their new Sunday/Greenside bags so make sure you check out her website. 

ALL PURCHASES RECEIVE 20% OFF at check out using code TWG20.  



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The inaugural The Woman Golfer Las Vegas Invitational will be held November 6-8, 2023.



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