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Become A Ball Snob

We all have those things that we just won’t compromise on… good wine, purses, food, and the list goes on.  But when it comes to golf, are you one of those players that just uses whatever ball you happen to find or are you set on playing a specific ball (what I call a ball […]

“Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course…the space between your ears.”      ~Bobby Jones, Founder of Augusta National Golf Club, Co-Founder The Masters, Winner of 4 US Opens and 3 Open Championships   I was walking through the paddock at my course the other day when I saw the golf cart license plate pictured […]

It seems like every few years I need to replace some of my equipment, especially items I’ve inadvertently broken.  I’m trying to be gentle on the more fragile items, like rangefinders, but how many times have you dropped your rangefinder only to find it won’t work?  Then you’re forced to go buy a new one […]

A Wee Bit of Trivia

In the wake of the The Open Championship, I think it’s relevant to give credit to an extremely important historic female whose name I did not hear mentioned during coverage of the tournament. We’ve heard about the likes of Old Tom Morris born in St. Andrews approximately 200+ years ago, but nothing of Mary, Queen […]

Apply Sunblock Before Your Foundation

Many parts of the country are experiencing heat waves this summer.  As we deal with the sun, I’ve learned July is UV Safety Awareness Month.  It’s a great reminder for all of us to take precautions from the sun before and during play. The focus of UV Safety Awareness Month is the importance of protecting […]

The Argument for Leaving the Flag In

I first wrote about whether to leave the flagstick in back in 2020 after the rule had changed saying it was now optional to pull it when on the putting green.  This is still a question with every new group you play with – some leave it in and some take it out. The question […]

We all understand that the game of golf is steeped with traditions.  While some traditions remain hard and fast, others have relaxed and morphed into new profit centers with the evolution of the game for women.  Here are some thoughts I have on new opportunities, recent changes and a few changes I think are long […]

We read a lot about slow play on the PGA Tour but most of us are probably unaware it is equally a problem on the LPGA tour. On the LPGA circuit the average pace of play for threesomes is a whopping 4 hours and 50 minutes, according to an article in Golfweek. The LPGA is […]

I’ve just returned from playing in the inaugural Desert Classic in Tempe, Arizona.  For those of you who organize women’s golf tournaments, I wanted to pass along best practices I saw there so you can consider them for your next signature event.  I’m a huge believer that if you plan a great tournament, women will […]

So this post is a follow up to my last post regarding 3 common misconceptions recreational players have about their putting. Below you will find the 3 things you should definitely focus on when putting.  Pretty simple. Makes me ask why do we get so distracted with so many other things? 1. Feel the break […]

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