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The Solheim Cup returns in just over 30 days and one of its signature sponsors is Dunning, who is also title sponsor of The Woman Golfer Las Vegas Invitational in November.  The Solheim team will be wearing Dunning uniforms and is contributing Solheim wear for my participants, as well. The cup matches are a biennial […]

Even though it’s been one of the hottest summers ever, a lot of us have still been playing golf, coming off the course sticky and (yuck) sweaty.  We’ve started early and made sure we drank lots of water.   However, what about those “electrolytes” we keep being told about?  Apparently water alone is not enough. […]

It has happened to all of us — a great round one day followed by a horrible round, many stokes worse the next.  Is that normal? Yes. In this post I’ll explain that you are in good company when it comes to variability in scoring, why it is the norm, and what you can do […]

In this post I want to explain the natural inclination to give up when we start playing poorly during a round and what you can do to turn it around. I was recently on a trip golfing in the Nebraska Sandhills (more on that in a future article) and was struggling on the second round […]

Now that golf season is in full swing, I am playing in quite a few two- and four-player team tournaments.  I have several women I play with regularly year-after-year as partners in these events.  One thing I’ve noticed is that we’ve figured out how to play better with each other and support each other as […]

Nothing is as frustrating as three-putting, particularly after you have hit a great shot onto the green of a par three, two solid shots in a row to get onto the green on a par four or three in a row and are hoping to make par on a par five.   Three-putting is deflating […]

My inaugural fall tournament supporting the Girls Junior Americas Cup Matches is almost sold out.  What are you waiting for?  Sign up today and secure your spot.       November 6-8, 2023 Mountain Course Angel Park Golf Club (Designed by Arnold Palmer)   SUPPORT THE GIRLS JUNIOR AMERICAS CUP   REGISTER NOW!   Schedule of […]

“Drive for show, putt for dough.” We’ve all heard it.  We all know it’s true.  After a great drive and shot into the green, 3-putting is a momentum breaker.  A lack of confidence with your putting and/or green reading  sabotages your score.   What Is AimPoint? In the image above, World #1 Lydia Ko is using […]

At the PGA Merchandise Show I learned TecTecTec! has done it again.  First, they launched a very cool palm-sized high-quality speaker with a super magnet that will clip on your cart or on your belt called the TEAM8 (get it? “Teammate”?) S Golf GPS Speaker.  Amazing technology literally in the palm of your hand…no more bulky-clunky […]

Instead Of Knee Surgery I Did This

I think it was after my third (or was it my fourth?) knee surgery my orthopod told me that my next procedure would be a full knee replacement.  I was always hopeful that if I waited long enough, and endured the pain long enough, there would be new and/or emerging procedures to help my knee […]

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