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Tips On How To Support Your Partner During A Tournament

Now that golf season is in full swing, I am playing in quite a few two- and four-player team tournaments.  I have several women I play with regularly year-after-year as partners in these events.  One thing I’ve noticed is that we’ve figured out how to play better with each other and support each other as time goes on.  And if you are playing in my invitational in November here in Las Vegas (which is just about sold out so hurry if you want enter), you probably will play with a partner you have played with before.  We all  know that we can be our own worst critic on the course — we can play well one day and struggle the next, so backup from a partner is critical.  Recognizing all of this, I thought it made sense to to create some tips on how to support your besties during a tournament.  These may seem obvious but it’s a great reminder for sure.


Use positive words no matter how your partner(s) is playing throughout the tournament.  Remind them of their strengths and to believe in their abilities.


Maintain a positive attitude, even if things don’t go as planned for your team.  You and your partner will face challenges during the tournament, so being a source of positivity can help you both stay focused.


Remember that golf is both a mentally and physically demanding sport.  If your partner is having a rough round, be patient.  Avoid putting additional pressure on them.


Generally speaking, avoid giving swing advice.  Sometimes, this can be difficult.  Instead, assist with logistics, such as picking up their clubs around the green or helping them find their ball.  Your practical assistance can allow them to focus on their game.


Listen attentively to their concerns and frustrations. Be a sounding board for them to vent or discuss their strategies.  Show empathy and understanding.



Every golfer has their own pre-game and pre-shot routine. Respect your partner’s routines and avoid any distractions or disruptions. Help create a calm and focused environment for them.  Again, the less distractions they have to focus on, the more they can focus on their game and the shot at hand.


Whether it’s a great shot or a good round, celebrate their achievements. Acknowledge their efforts and let them know you’re proud of their performance.




Keep them well-hydrated and provide healthy snacks to maintain their energy levels.  Proper nutrition and hydration are essential for optimal performance.

Remember, everyone and every round is different. That means it’s essential to understand your partner’s preferences and needs. Supporting them as you play a golf tournament should be a balance between practical assistance, emotional support, and being their biggest cheerleader.

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