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PGA SHOW PROFILE:  TECTECTEC!  Get the coolest new technology seen at the PGA Show

At the PGA Merchandise Show I learned TecTecTec! has done it again.  First, they launched a very cool palm-sized high-quality speaker with a super magnet that will clip on your cart or on your belt called the TEAM8 (get it? “Teammate”?) S Golf GPS Speaker.  Amazing technology literally in the palm of your hand…no more bulky-clunky speakers!  To the left is a photo of the unit in the palm of my hand.  Second, they solved the issue of how to carry everything you need in the basket of your golf cart.

The Team8 speaker has GPS to give you yardages to the green, and will also measure how far your previous shot went.  Just download their free app (yes, FREE) and you’ll be able to find any golf course you’re playing.  To the left is a photo of the unit clipped to the cart steering wheel (and using their app) or you can just clip it to the frame of the cart.

I particularly love that it comes in three colors (black, gray and yellow), but yellow is my favorite because it’s easy to see making it that much harder for me to leave on my cart.  It will hold a charge through several rounds as well.  The most unbelievable part of the Team8 Speaker/GPS unit is its price, only $99.  Impressive technology and compact size.  This speaker definitely makes a great tee gift at any tournament.

TecTecTec! is a manufacturing company driven by the motto “Only What You Need.”  It was started in 2014 by two brothers from France who both were engineers and followed in their father’s footsteps.  They kept their model simple: Innovation and Precision for a fair price.

Here’s a sneak peak at another cool item they will be launching soon

A golf cart basket bag. Yup, that’s right — a bag that fits perfectly into the basket portion of your cart and holds everything you could possibly ever need (and then some!).   You can see a few different photos below with the built-in cooler, and the compartments lift out so you can efficiently store things inside.  I think this means you may never leave anything behind in the cart basket again.  Better yet, this item can be customized in color and adding any logo for specific events.  This is yet another great never seen before tournament tee gift.


Why we love their rangefinders…

KLYR fits nicely in the palm of my hand

The KLYR rangefinder comes in 5 different colors, including yellow as seen above, white, black, and now also green and blue.

I still love my KLYR rangefinder from TecTecTec! which I reviewed back in August of last year.  This is a pocket-sized rangefinder device well-suited for women.  It’s actually about 30% smaller than the average rangefinder, with a built-in magnet which you can clip to your cart or your belt.  Like it’s smaller size, this rangefinder has a smaller price tag which is great – think $199 for the best technology in a more compact unit.   And they now have it in more colors — think green or blue, in addition to white, black and of course, yellow!




Want the ultimate rangefinder with all the bells and whistles?  Try their new ULT-S Pro Golf Rangefinder.   This one has:

  • TOLED RED Display

As they say on their site, “We innovate and ask the questions. What is it that will enhance on course joy? What do people truly want? TecTecTec! are disruptors, engineering equipment for everyone by everyone.”

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