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39 Gift Ideas For That Special Golfer



With Black Friday approaching, you may be starting to think about what you’ll be gifting to your friends and family and vice versa.

Just say NO to the sand trap cheese board.

NO more golf-like BBQ tools.

Over the years, like so many of us, I have received numerous well-intentioned but simply unusable golf-oriented holiday gifts.

No golfer really wants a sand trap cheese board, golf dice or card game, a lumpy putting practice carpet or golfclub-style barbecue tools.  Nor do we covet a dozen Callaway Warbird, Pinnacle, Top Flite, exploding or floating balls.


My thinking in today’s post is to help you create a list of holiday gifts across a wide price range to circulate to your friends and relatives.  The idea is to avoid the yet another OMG moment when you or a friend open gifts from non-golfers this year.

$10-$49 Gifts

Collapseable Golf Ball Retriever

Ball retriever (collapsible).  I’ve posted about this in the past — it’s a great, useful gift and inexpensive.  Easily fits into the pocket of your bag so it’s out of sight.  This could make a great stocking stuffer too. ($20.99)


Magnetic Towels

Microfiber towel from Pacific Dunes

Golf Towel.  These are also a great gift.  There are so many to choose from — maybe try one of the new magnet ones ($10.98) or pick from one of your favorite courses?  Always wanted one from Bandon?  These can be ordered online — send the link to your friends!  ($20-28)



Caddy Buddy

Caddie Buddy. I bought one of these in May when my friend My showed me hers.  I didn’t use it at first and now I use it all the time.  The Caddy Buddy allows you be able to see and access your scorecard, while your phone is securely attached on top.  I used to worry that I’d lost my phone somewhere on the course because I’d just toss it in the cubby.   This is especially helpful when you are playing in a tournament and using Golf Genius or another golf/scoring app.  ($36.95)


Mini Clipboards for your scorecard.

Mini Clipboard.  These are so useful and great little stocking stuffers!  Especially great when you need to keep score in a tournament and aren’t driving the cart.  You won’t lose the official scorecard you are given, nor your pencil.  ($11.99 for 5)



Titleist ProV1X Golf Balls

Balls.  In your list, tell people EXACTLY what kind of ball you play.  Don’t let them guess for you.





Skorzie’s New Birdie Juice Flask

Iron FLASK from Amazon

Flask.  These are the hot new item with so many great ones to chose from…check out Skorzie’s cute new Birdie Juice flask ($28).  Want something a little simpler?  Try IRON °FLASK from Amazon ($24.95).  My favorite birdie juice mix is RumChata mixed with Carmel Whiskey!





Skorzie’s Ball Marker Necklace

Magnetic Hat Clip or Pendant with Rhinestone Border (for Ball Marker) from Skorzie

Skorzie Ball Mark Necklace.  I mentioned this in a previous post. It’s an awesome gift for that golfer girlfriend.  ($28.50). Don’t forget the add-on blingy ball mark pendant!  ($11.99)






Callaway Women’s Winter Gloves

Callaway Golf Women’s Thermal Grip, Cold Weather Golf Gloves.  I have found these to be some of the best and very reasonably priced. (I think better and lower priced than the Footjoy).  They have a really good grip to help you play in the cold.  Don’t get caught without a set of these in cool weather. ($24.99)





Golf Trunk Organizer

Golf Trunk Organizer | Waterproof Collapsible Car Golf Storage.  My friend had this in her car and I thought it was the best thing ever.  I am constantly trying to keep my trunk organized (unsuccessfully) and this is on my list.  This may not be the most glamorous gift but it’s certainly a useful one!  ($29.99)







Personalized Golf Tote

Personalized Golf Tote

 Personal Golf Tote wth Custom Embroidery.  Many of my friends have these great cart/golf bags.  If you haven’t seen these, they fit nicely over the arm on the side of the cart.  They look great and you can personalize with a name – this really is such a great gift. ($41.99). P.S.  These would make a great tee gift for your next tournament too.



$50-$99 Gifts

Who wouldn’t love a gift card to:  PGA, Dick’s or Golf Galaxy


A gift card to Taylor Jordan, SanSoliel, Golftini, Lohla Sport, Skorzie, Glove It, Kinona, JoFit, Olaya Sport, Amy Sport or  SKEA?


Parker & Hyde Neon Neoprene Tote Bag

Parker & Hyde Neoprene Tote Bag

Tote Bag.  I can always use another tote bag.  If you’re like me, you use the thing till it falls apart.  My favorite (this was in a recent post) are the Parker & Hyde brand.  But quite honestly, several friends have bought similar bags on Amazon and it’s difficult to tell the difference.  (P&H $98)




Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker

Bluetooth speaker.  Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker was one of the BEST gifts I’ve ever received (I actually got this as a tee gift in a tournament).  I’ve had mine for a few years now and take it everywhere.  Not only can you play music, but you can use the Bushnell app to get your distances via GPS.  Mine will last about 2 rounds without recharging.  I love that it’s magnetic and just hooks to the cart.  ($99)




Rechargeable Heated Mittens

Rechargeable Heated Mittens.  These are the bomb!  Seriously.  I have given (and told) so many people about these (they have gloves also).  Recharge overnight and these babies are ready for your cold morning on the course.  ($79.99). This is my gift to the cart paddock staff and starters at my club this year.





$100 and Over Gifts

Oakley Photochromic EV Zero Blades

Oakley Sunglasses.  Still love these and get tons of compliments on them.  Oakley consistently makes a high quality, durable sunglasses and stands by them if they are damaged or need parts replaced.  ($224.00)


Orange Whip.  I just wrote about this training aid (and speed sticks — see next).  Great gift and one that you’ll use for a long time.  ($109.00)


Speed Sticks – What a great winter training tool!

Speed Sticks.  Again, I just wrote about them.  A little on the pricier side but what an awesome gift that you’ll use year-round.  Use these consistently to help improve your swing speed.  ($229.00)







Cuddle Clones Headcovers

Stanley and his Cuddle Clone

Cuddle Clones Golf Headcover.  My friend Lyndi has one of these and they are the cutest thing ever.  They model the headcover after a photo that you’ve given them of your pet and clone it exactly!  This really is a great gift idea.  ($249.00)





Garmin S40 Golf Watch

Golf Watch.  Garmin has the best golf watches — and they are durable.  I’ve had a model S20 for about seven years and it still works perfectly.  I believe they’ve replaced with the Garmin Approach S40.  This is a great item for quickly knowing your distances without pulling out a measuring device.  Comes in several different colors too.  My friend Janene can’t play without hers!  ($209-249)



KLYR Rangefinder by TecTecTec

White KLYR Rangefinder by TecTecTec!

Rangefinder.  This is always a great gift.  I love my KLYR Rangefinder by TecTecTec.  Just a little smaller than your average unit and a little better priced.  Has the super magnet so it will attach to your cart and includes the slope adjustment should you want to turn it on.  ($199)





Troon Gift Card

Gift Card for a round at you or your friend’s favorite course – is there a Troon course near you? They operate 700+ courses worldwide.

Southwest Travel Gift Card

Southwest Airlines Gift Card.  I know Costco is currently selling these.  You can also customize for whatever amount you like to contribute all or part of a fare to a great golf resort. Go directly on the Southwest site.




If you have other ideas for me to add to this list, don’t hesitate to write.  I will send additions out right away so you can add them to the email or list you give to your friends and relatives. 


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