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A New Line You Must See — TAYLOR JORDAN

“A good round of golf always starts in the closet.”  

Yup, and how true it is.  That’s what my friend Janene said to me the other day when I was telling her about a great new women’s golf clothing line I just found.  I told her — yes told her — that we were wearing this new fabulous line in her guest golf tournament.

Ever worn an outfit that’s too tight, too lose (this doesn’t really happen to me – ha!), and or just ill-fitting?  I did.  Today in fact.  It was so distracting and I was hyper-aware of my shorts that were tight and sticking to me because of the heat.  And because I was a bit distracted by them, I proceeded to play poorly.  I think the best golf outfits are the ones that you don’t think about during your round — the ones that don’t distract you from your game.  My best games have happened in my favorite outfits.

I came across this new line at my pro shop in Vegas.  I was walking by when out of the corner of my eye, a bright pink racerback top and white camo skort caught my attention.  I couldn’t believe there was a new line and that I hadn’t seen it yet.  After all, finding new lines is my business.  I promptly went into the dressing room and tried it on.  SOLD.  Loved it from the day I touched it.  This new must-see line is called Taylor Jordan.   

Who Is Taylor Jordan?

I reached out to the owner of Taylor Jordan last week and discovered quite a bit about the company.  They are a husband and wife team, both optometrists, who by the way, still see patients, but started this company for the love of the game.  They, themselves, were unable to find clothing they liked — the men’s shirts were too boxy and the women’s clothing they found available was unappealing.  They named the company after their daughter who was a dancer at the time but they were trying to get her into golf.  


Taylor Jordan was founded in 2017 and has been growing ever since.  The pandemic was great for their business since everyone was in search of new clothing lines for golf.  Their looks aren’t too crazy and have clean lines with some cool patterns, such as the camo you see here.  They have a pretty complete offering of everything from women’s skorts, polos, shorts, pants and pullovers, to junior’s clothing and men’s clothing.

I can tell you from experience, TJ is very comfortable, breathable and washes up great.  I’m loving the skorts especially because of their girdle-like properties that hold your tummy in.  I’m sold and so is my partner Janene, a clothes horse like me.


Order today and use the code TWG20 to get 20 percent off.

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