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“Aussie Spirit” is Driving Force in Line New to America

One of the things I loved (and still love) about the golf business is meeting new people and seeing new women’s golf clothing designs.  It’s like being a kid in a candy store – getting a firsthand glimpse of someone’s creative genius and wearing samples so I can review.

I first saw the line I am reviewing here during one of the occasional random online searches I do — I know there must be lines out there about which I have no knowledge so scouring the web is requisite.

Founders Helen Haynes & Shannan Webber

I have run across this line, RED BELLY ACTIVE (, several times now.  Most recently I saw it during the virtual PGA Show in January.  Red Belly is from Australia, and was founded about three years ago by two friends, Shannan Webber and Helen Haynes.  The company is based in Sydney and, for those of us who have never been there, named after the iconic red bellied black snakes that are commonly seen on golf courses.  They decided they would create a distinctive and uniquely Aussie line seeking “a daring and different point of view”.  Helen, a seasoned golfer, has a background in marketing and sales; her husband is a golf professional.  Shannan, a newer golfer, has a background in design but comes from a golfing family.  The two met up at a charity golf event and from a conversation there, Red Belly was born.

Red Belly is now found throughout Australia. They have established a toehold in the US and tell me sales are increasing here.  I did not know what to expect from the outfit they said they would be sending me.  When it arrived, I was quite truly impressed by the design and quality.

I spent some time on the phone with Helen and this is what I learned:

The founders were motivated by the same frustrations a number of women express to me.

“We both played at the same club and agreed that there was a serious lack of style and choice in the women’s golf wear market.  Our frustration was shared regarding the fit and size of golf clothing. We wanted to create something that was on trend, stylish, affordable and comfortable – especially in our hot climate. Our mission is to change the way women dress for golf and at the same time, encourage more women to the game. We believe that if you feel good in your golf wear you have more confidence and play better. Who says golf wear can’t be fashionable?”

Great technical fabric used in the Wrap Skort Leopard Rose

COVID has made developing new collections difficult.

“Initially we were able to travel and discuss the collections, but due to COVID, travel is obviously not possible and we have had to rely on remote communications.  Breaking into a market that is filled with big players in the apparel industry has been tough, but we are determined, focused and provide the best possible customer service we can to stand out from the crowd. We also hope our designs speak for themselves.”

COVID has affected Red Belly but golf has done well in Australia.

“Fortunately, we live in a country that has handled COVID well. Despite state and international borders closing for long periods, we have still been able to sell online and through our stockists (the Australian word for retailer) when they have been open. We are grateful to be a part of an industry that has done very well during a pandemic – golf is one game that has continued almost the entire time. There were a few months last winter when we weren’t sure if a summer collection would be even possible. That was scary. We managed to deliver a capsule range that was bright, bold and hugely popular. We look forward to rebuilding this year and our upcoming collections are stunning – with exciting prints.”

As I have found with other lines I have reviewed, Red Belly has a niche.

“Red Belly Active has a unique flair and follows global trends in fashion with a touch of Aussie spirit. We convert fashion wear to practical and stylish golf wear. We deliver collections that not only allow women (and men) to feel fabulous on course, but we focus on style, fit, fabrics and prints that make golfers excited about stepping onto the tee and playing with more confidence.”

The clothes are suitable for the golf course and every day wear, too.

“Red Belly Active is designed by women to suit active, busy lives. We create seasonal collections that are practical and stylish and take you from the golf course to everyday life with ease and comfort. We continue to grow and improve our fabrics – using sustainable and sun protective blends whenever we can.”

Check out RED BELLY today!  Receive a free golf towel with your order — just put in code AUSSIE.


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