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COMING SOON: Colors, instruction and finally, destinations

We made it through another round of holidays and are now well on our way into 2021.  Many of us are filled with hope of getting through the pandemic this year with our health, focusing on the possibility of better economic times and a greater sense of overall stability.

I am working on a great line-up of articles and information for this year.  First, I will be featuring a series of tips specific to women from my coach, Mario Bevilacqua, who just was named one of the Best Young Golf Instructors in America by Golf Digest.  I hope to interview my friend Elena King, also an elite instructor ranked a Top 50 LPGA Teacher by Women’s Golf Journal.  Both teach world-class and accomplished women.  I plan to address issues they see common to female players.  In other words, I want to give you something you can easily and effectively apply.

In addition to instruction, I will begin to cover travel.  Last January when I created this blog, travel was going to be an integral part.  We’re all well aware that these uncertain times have limited many aspects of life as we practice social and physical distancing but I’d like to begin to feature destinations that we all can plan on checking out when things calm down and travel to great destinations resumes.

Of course, it’s late January which means the largest golf show in the world is being held this week. That’s right, it’s time for the PGA Merchandise Show, usually held in the mile-long Orange County Convention Center where every manufacturer, big and small, old and new, of everything golf-related, comes to meet with thousands of buyers…until this year.  This year it will be held virtually.  I will be seeking out new lines and looking over samples through its presentation and by Zoom with numerous makers.  Expect regular reviews over the coming months as the golf season ramps up.

So what are the trends we expect to see this Spring and Summer?

Colors to Expect

The biggest color trends coming out of this past tumultuous year have been selected to give people a sense of hope, optimism and the refresh that many are looking for in the new year.

The Pantone Color Institute say colors will be bright and soothing and incorporate inspiration from natural elements. Pantone has announced that “Illuminating” — a bright yellow hue — and “Ultimate Gray” are the Colors of the Year.

While gray may signal dependability, yellow is a quintessential message of hope and optimism, according to Pantone Color Institute’s executive director Leatrice Eiseman. “It’s aspirational. We’re not there yet, but we’re aiming for that. We’re trying to get there. When the gray clouds disperse, we see the sunshine,” she said.

According to Heuritech, a trend forecasting company, pastels, reminiscent of Easter, will be popular in the coming months, most notably pastel blue and duster pink.  The thirst for color is greater, due to the self isolating that the shutdown has caused.  We should expect only limited florals, and all of them muted.  It seems that monochromatic palates will be all the rage as well.

I do think you will see all colors of the spectrum, from magentas (some skewing more purple, some more pink or red), to tangerine, which has been around for a few seasons now and here again for spring, to tennis ball green, a kind of neon in a yellow and green tint.  So get ready.


Athleisure is Mainstream


Most all of us have, due to the many more free hours we had have at home during the day during the pandemic, bought clothing more suitable to a more isolated lifestyle.  Athleisure is far more than tank tops, leggings and track pants.  It’s any athletic apparel which you can wear in non-athletic settings.  Sales of this market segment are up 43% in recent years.

Expect the Unexpected

Adidas x Stella McCartney Golf

Collaborations.  They’re popping up more and more and don’t think they’re stopping anytime soon.  Limited editions, check.  Unfathomable collaborations, check.  Expect your favorite athletic line to team up with hip designers.

Adidas x Stella McCartney Golf

How will this translate into women’s golf clothing?  My preliminary  interviews with designers suggest lines will offer clothing that have finishing touches such as ribbing, pleats, perhaps even velvet (that can withstand heavy washing).  I describe it as being street smart.

I’ll keep you posted on it all right here.


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