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KLYR Rangefinder: All The Features For About Half The Cost

KLYR Rangefinder by TecTecTec!

It seems like every few years I need to replace some of my equipment, especially items I’ve inadvertently broken.  I’m trying to be gentle on the more fragile items, like rangefinders, but how many times have you dropped your rangefinder only to find it won’t work?  Then you’re forced to go buy a new one unless you happen to be lucky to have it still be under warranty (which never happens btw).  Or you may have an old one ready to use just for this occasion.  And for me, the thought of having to purchase a new one only flashes dollar signs.




KYLR Rangefinder with magnetic clip.

Recently, I was asked to review the KLYR rangefinder from TecTecTec! (pronounced clear).  This is a a pocket-size device well-suited for women— it’s compact making it easy to use even in heavy wind and a bit of rain (more about testing in the next paragraph).  It’s actually about 30% smaller than the average rangefinder.  It has a built-in magnet which you can clip to your cart.  But it also comes with a metal clip you can attach to your belt or slip over a waistband if you prefer for convenience and accessibility.  I used to wear a golf watch but I like the accuracy of a rangefinder, so having it attached to my waist somehow is nice.




My caddie, Jonathan Keane, at Lahinch Golf Club in Ireland.

KLYR fits nicely in the palm of my hand

I decided to take my test unit with me on my recent trip to Ireland.  There it got two thumbs up from Jonathan Keane, my veteran caddy at Lahinch Golf Club, who I had use it one day in a steady 25 mph wind.  He noticed, as did I, that the KLYR rangefinder locks onto the flag quicker than others (and then vibrates to let you know it has).  It was a bit easier to get our numbers that day at Lahinch compared to the two competing rangefinders I also took along, a basic albeit older Bushell and a unit my husband brought from Leupold.  I’m not dissing Bushell or Leupold here.  They’re excellent and very reliable rangefinders.  I’m just noting that KLYR unit is comparatively easier to handle, to keep steady and more quickly latches onto the flag.  I think that being smaller than average contributes to making it easy to use in the wind (of which there was no shortage on the Irish links land).  It also fits easily into your pocket.  That’s nice if you are playing in rain pants in an Irish mist as I did another day at Waterville.  The product is being marketed as the first wearable rangefinder.

Switch to turn elevation on/off

The KLYR rangefinder adjusts for elevation and shows you the actual slope but is easily switched into tournament compliant mode limiting its readouts to only actual yardage.  The switch to make that adjustment you can see in the picture is on the side.

TecTecTec! is a manufacturing company and was started in 2014 by two brothers from Vannes, France, who both happened to be engineers following in their father’s footsteps.  Within a short period of time, TecTecTec! rose to be the #1 rangefinder on Amazon between 2016-2020.

Overall, I recommend the KLYR rangefinder. It’s quite reasonably priced, comes in 3 different colors, has a 2 year warranty and can be purchased directly from the manufacturer or on Amazon for $199.

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