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Jofit’s Bold Colors Reflect Hope of Better Times Ahead

I remember the first time I saw a Jofit outfit.  I believe it was around 2008 at the Orlando PGA Show.  I was so impressed by the fact that it didn’t look like your typical boxy cotton pique golf shirt (which was just a dummied down version of a men’s golf shirt) and pleated shorts down to your knees.  Jofit’s founder, Joanne Cloak, was one of the pioneers who incorporated technical fabrics with styling that conformed to a female physique.   If you were playing golf back then, you may remember that women’s golf apparel was an afterthought for most top apparel companies which primarily focused on the Good Old Boys Club market.  Fast forward to present day and you have one of the most enduring women’s athletic apparel companies around.  Jofit now produces golf, tennis, pickle ball and activewear too.

Joanne launched Jofit in 2006 in her basement and garage much to the dismay of her husband’s large tool collection.  Prior to her first season, Joanne was flooded with discouraging advice from almost all her friends and family.  “Don’t quit your teaching job.  The apparel market is impossible to break into. You have no idea what you’re doing.”  She didn’t ignore the warnings, but rather she used it as motivation to prove every doubter wrong.  Joanne’s vision of creating an apparel brand that would empower women could have easily failed, but she refused to take no for an answer.  This type of drive for success embodies the message of Jofit: creating a community of confident women.  Believing in yourself is the secret to life, she told me.

I asked Joanne about trends and what she was creating for her 2021 collections.  She indicated the trends are bright colors and multi-functional/versatile pieces.  As we’ve noticed, bright colors have been trending since the pandemic and lockdown.  People are expressing hope as a reaction to being forced to stay home.  Now that we’re able to be out in the world (somewhat), they prefer bold colors to make themselves and those around them feel happy.  Versatile pieces are definitely needed because people feel compelled to make smarter shopping decisions.

Joanne has created collections that provide value because they are multi-fuctional as seen below in her new collections.  As you see below, all of the pieces can be used for multiple activities, including golf, tennis and pickle ball.  She’s incorporated some of the bright colors trends of the season, including tennis ball yellow.

Jofit’s new Ocean Breeze collection is trending as one of their most popular for this Spring because of it’s bright color and versatile pieces.



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