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Masters Tips Should You Win Ticket Lottery Closing June 22

Yes, the Masters has come and gone.  I must say that I was one of the lucky people to attend this year’s Masters (I was there for two practice rounds).  This trip was scheduled two years ago so it was great to finally go see this sacred ground.

I wanted to pass along some tips to maximize your enjoyment should you ever get a chance to go to Augusta.


First off, if you do get the chance, don’t hesitate.  It is a bucket list experience.  I know from certain locations, it can take up to a day just to get there, but the experience is worth the travel.  The TV coverage does not convey anything close to how perfect the turf is, how hilly the holes are, how severe the false fronts, mounds, drop offs, green undulations and how deep the bunkers are.  I have played some difficult courses, but Augusta clearly is much tougher by a factor than anything I have ever seen.  (You will definitely enjoy watching the tourney more on TV after having been there.)

How To Get Tickets

Rounds and Daily Tournament tickets are sold in advance, through a selection process, only after receipt of an online application. Only one application per person / address will be accepted (i.e., one per household / family residing together).  Only apply from your permanent residential address.  Applicants may apply for any and all days, however, are eligible to win only one day.

The application deadline for both Practice Rounds and Daily Tournament tickets for the 2023 Masters® Tournament is June 21, 2022.  You have about 6 weeks to get this application in so do it today.  Daily Tournament tickets will be awarded first. Anyone not selected for Daily tickets, who also applied for Practice Rounds, will then be included in the selection for Practice Rounds tickets.  All applicants will be notified in mid-July via email when the selection process is completed.

Note:  There are many tour operators who arrange tickets, housing and hospitality houses.  Due diligence is critical if using them.

We stayed in a house near the course.  People staying with us arrived and some members in their group did not have tickets.  They paid $1,000 each for two tickets from a scalper on the street they did not know.  At the gate, they learned their tickets were forgeries and all ended up getting escorted out.  If you are acquiring tickets from others, and thousands of people do despite the club’s rules, make sure you “know your source” as one veteran host told us.

All About The Loot

First tip: when you enter through the gates, go straight to the merchandise building.  It’s as big as most department stores.  Be prepared to stand in line for a bit.  To me, it seemed like I was in line for a ride at Disneyland, but I only waited about 45 minutes to get in and the lines moved quick.  When you are done, you can move to the short line next door which is for shipping.  Ship all that you have bought.  Shipping costs were very reasonable and this was a quick process.  Folks we saw on the course carrying their loot were struggling due to the hills.

There’s More…

Dress warmly if you are going in the morning.  Down by the water in the forest at Amen Corner (holes 11,12 and 13) is a low spot.  It’s quite chilly until the sun gets fully in there in late morning.  Same is true for sitting by the par three 16th.  Check the weather and yes, you can bring in an umbrella if inclement weather is in the forecast.

Buy one of those disposable cameras or find your old digital camera and refamiliarize yourself with it before you go.  Maybe purchase an 0ld digital camera online, if you can find one on, say, eBay.  Cameras of any sort are only allowed during practice rounds.  iphones are prohibited all days of the tournament.  iwatches are ok to wear.  We know one person who tried to use a cell phone on the course.  Security is everywhere and that person was escorted off the grounds.

Yes, you must eat a pimento cheese sandwich. They are just a buck fifty.  (Friends from Iowa we met up with are shown enjoying theirs on the left.)  They are so good!  All of the food is inexpensive but tasty.  The grounds are the cleanest you have ever seen btw — not a piece of trash in sight.  Constant clean up.

Last, make sure you lengthen your morning walks with the dog before you go.  As I said, it’s one hilly hike around the Augusta National Golf Club.

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