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Stylish But Functional Golf Necklace

I’m always trying tell my friends about new items I’ve found and this week I have a really a great find.  In the world of golf, we are constantly hit with new and innovative designs for everything from range finders, to clubs and clothing.  My friend Eileen at Skorzie has come up with a design which is stylish AND functional.  She has created a designer-inspired golf necklace which holds your ball marker.  Just hook any magnetic hat clip and marker on and it won’t fall off.  These are reasonably priced at $28.50 each.


She has also created the additional (hat) clip marker (you supply your own marker) with a little bling around the edges ($13.99).    

It doesn’t hang too low or get in the way.  I’ve never seen anything else like it.  Honestly, this makes for a great birthday gift for a friend or better yet, the tee gift for your next golf tournament.  Who wouldn’t want this cool looking necklace?  Go to Skorzie today and get yours while quantities last.  

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