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The Most Often Overlooked Essential Piece of Golf Equipment

They tell bloggers we must write definitive (which generally means long-winded) posts to maximize our search results.  This is not one of them.

We have all panicked after discovering we have left a club behind on the range or during play of a hole.  My husband’s trick is losing/dropping his (rather beat up) rangefinder which he insists on placing on the cart seat only to have it fall out into the fairway or between the last green and next tee.

That’s when having your name and cell phone number on a label on your club or rangefinder is essential.  It seems so insignificant until you lose something on the course.  (Some but not all private clubs put these labels on members’ golf clubs if they are stored at the course.  This post is not for them.)




These are the labels I have been using for the past couple years— made of durable vinyl they are easy to install.  You can use them on more than your golf equipment, too.  For $10 you get 24 customized labels.  Several color schemes are available. Easy-peasy!

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