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We made it through another round of holidays and are now well on our way into 2021.  Many of us are filled with hope of getting through the pandemic this year with our health, focusing on the possibility of better economic times and a greater sense of overall stability. I am working on a great […]

I mentioned in my last post that I drove out to Pauma Valley, California about a month ago for a golf tournament.  It was there that I met Eileen Benjamin, founder of Skorzie. What is Skorzie?  Skorzie was Eileen’s dream when she was in the non-profit world for many years, she told me.  Skorzie specializes […]

Baby Got A New Pair Of Shoes

I love finding new gems (gem \ ˈjem:  jewel; something prized especially for great beauty or perfection). That’s how I would describe my new find and test wearing Duca del Cosma shoes.  From a branding standpoint, I’d say these are the Fendi, Prada or Valentino of women’s golf shoes. I was immediately attracted to their […]

I just got off the phone catching up with an old acquaintance — Susan Hess.  She’s the founder of Golftini, a stylish line women’s golf apparel founded in 2004. I discovered Golftini in 2006, just after Susan founded her company.  I was in search of cute golf apparel which she and I agreed then was […]

I met Diane Boyer and learned about her company, SKEA Limited, deciding to enter the golf market at the PGA Show in January.  Her line caught my eye and the minute I touched her fabrics and saw her samples, I knew I would be telling you about her golf-specific line when it launched, which it […]

“IF YOU CAN’T BE BETTER THAN YOUR COMPETITION, JUST DRESS BETTER.” ~Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue and artistic director at Condé Nast So this is a follow up to my last post about dressing appropriately for your situation. I was just reading an article from The Conversation.  The title: “How women dress for other women” by […]

As the former owner of a women’s golf apparel line, I remain very much into golf fashion.  And I am always in search of new and different lines.  I’ve seen many companies come and go which makes it even harder to find great looking yet functional stuff.  It’s just a tough biz making cute golf clothes […]

While this isn’t a flashy post by any means, it certainly is a practical one.  We all want to get the longest life possible from our clothing.  There are basically four things research reveals you can do right now to accomplish that. Shorter and Cooler Washes First and foremost, a recent English study urges shorter, […]

I Just Found the BEST Sun Sleeves

  IceRays Sun Sleeves Anne Rollo is an Australian golf professional who came to dislike putting on layers of sticky sunscreen day-in-and-day-out (we all can relate to that) on the golf course.  A few years back, she came across some UV-protectant  sun sleeves that were amazingly effective–problem solved.  She literally bought the company.  I was […]

Now that golf season is in high gear and we are approaching another holiday weekend, I’m inundated with emails promoting sales and close-outs from the many leading brands and platforms I follow.  I thought I’d share some of my good “finds”.  I have no incentive to write about any of these except to try to help […]

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